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VIM-700 Insertion Spindle for Non-Threaded Fasteners

Application: Adaptable automatic feed and insertion spindle system for pins, clips, and specialty fastener assembly.

Insertion Spindle Applied Barbed Dart Push Pin The VIM-700 Insertion Spindle system is suitable for use in robotic XY linear, cartesion coordinate, SCARA, or 6-axis robot integrations. Engineered designs to automatically feed install a variety of non-threaded fasteners including barbed darts, clips, and dual-action push-pins. Flexible mounting options allow for direct tooling plate installation with a customized adapter plate that matches your actuation method.

The Visumatic Advant-edge
Feed direct to insert point technology for rapid non-threaded fastener insertion.

Spindle punch lock options provide the flexibility to insert horizontally, vertically, or at multiple angles including vertically up. Punch position sensors provide PLC feedback and stroke verification ensuring cycle consistency.

Durable precision hammer and sensorized punch cylinder provide the required insertion force, ensuring proper joining depth is achieved. Tooling tips are custom engineered to interface with component surface details allowing maximum assembly efficiency and accuracy.

Insertion Spindle for Barbed Dart Non-Threaded Fastener with Cobot Mount
  • Automatic Insertion Spindle Systems: non-threaded fastener feeder
  • includes microprocessor controlled Model 94 automatic fastener feeder
  • feeder enclosure for cleanliness and sound reduction
  • fastener transfer sensor provides feed confirmation
  • single point communication port for feed and bit position signaling
  • insertion tooling designed to fit your non-threaded fasteners and part

Advanced Capability.   Engineered Technology.

Watch the full HD version collaborative robot insertion spindle video on Visumatic's YouTube channel.

Additional Insertion Spindle Module Type Images

The VIM-700 insertion system features a rugged design to repeatably feed and install pins, barbed darts, clips, dowels, and other types of non-threaded fasteners. The insertion spindle comes complete with punch position sensors to qualify the insertion stroke and includes a fastener transfer sensor that will monitor the transfer from the feeder to the tooling tip.

Insertion Spindle for Barbed Dart Non-Threaded Fastener with Cobot Mount
  • Visumatic Insertion Spindles have nosepiece designs to place a wide variety of non-threaded fasteners:
  • single action fasteners like barbed brass fittings and steel pins
  • barbed darts, push pins, and Christmas trees
  • dual action fasteners like scrivets and plastic anchors
  • formed metal clips and complex molded plastic clips
  • nuts, weld nuts, and stamped washer nuts
  • rivets, plugs, rings, wooden dowels and specialty items

VIN-700 Automatic Pin Insertion VIN-700 Pin Insertion System
with Automatic Feeder

Handheld automatic pin insertion machine to feed & insert clips, barbed darts, and rivets. Fast & simple for manual assembly operations.


Custom Screw Feeder Automatic Fastener Feeder
for screwdriving applications

The range of feeder designs available guarantees Visumatic can accommodate your collaborative robot processes today and in the future.

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