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MARCH 16, 2020

** Visumatic Special Alert **

To: Vendors, Suppliers and Customers

Just recently, federal and local governments have been recommending a course of action be taken by those facilities and organizations where gatherings of 50 or more occur.

. . . cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 50 people or more throughout the United States.

Therefore, in order to protect your production requirements and combat the spread of COVID-19, Visumatic will close their doors to incoming non-essential visitors until April 13. If you're not sure if your visit is non-essential or you believe to be an exception, call the main office or your point of contact at Visumatic prior to your planned arrival for admittance authorization.

All incoming packages and deliveries should arrive to our shipping area for drop-off and pick-up. An authorized Visumatic employee will great you to sign for deliveries as your protocol requires. If a utility driver is required to unload your delivery, an authorized driver will be made available to limit your time on-sight.

All mail will be received in the front office and be dispersed under special protocol.

Visumatic is committed to remain open and operate under normal business hours with a full staff ready to service the thousands of customers that rely on our expertise around the world. All projects will progress as normal with attention put to quality of workmanship and your expected delivery.

If you have any questions or concerns about these new facility admittance policies, please call your point of contact directly.

We thank you for your continued dedication to serving us or relying on us as your source for automatic fastening equipment.


Jeff Cunningham, President

For further information, contact Visumatic at 859-255-7907, or visit our web site:

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